Collection Highlights

Bernard Leach teapot

Bernard Leach Ceramic Teapot

“A potter is one of the few people left who uses his natural faculties of heart, head, and hand in balance…”[i] — Bernard Leach, 1961 Bernard Howell Leach is considered the most influential potter of the twentieth century. He left an irrefutable mark with his writings,

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Richard Marquis, Zanfirico Teapot Goblet

Richard Marquis Teapot Goblet

“While Dale Chihuly is the tide that raised all boats, Marquis is the craft intelligence that made the vessels seaworthy.”[i] – Regina Hackett, Seattle Post, 2001 Richard Marquis has been an instrumental force in the studio glass movement in America. His work, which is both “playful

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David Sengel Teapot

David Sengel Thorn Teapot

“Just realizing that I am making work that other people respond to is very motivational.”[i] -David Sengel   David Sengel is an expert in manipulating and embracing the innate qualities of his material of choice, wood. Within the Kamm Teapot Collection there are three Sengel

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Zaha Hadid, Tea and Coffee Piazza

Zaha Hadid “Tea & Coffee Piazza”

“As a woman, I’m expected to want everything to be nice and to be nice myself. A very English thing. I don’t design nice buildings – I don’t like them…”[i] -Zaha Hadid Considered a superstar of the architectural world, Zaha Hadid is internationally recognized for

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Karl Wirsum

Karl Wirsum Sculpture

Karl Wirsum’s sculpture, paintings, and drawings are imaginative, colorful, humorous, and at times, disturbing and “cheerfully grotesque.”[i] Utilizing a range of materials and techniques, he creates works that exude great energy and stimulate one’s imagination. Wirsum first made a name for himself as a member

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Grete Marks silver-plated teapot

Grete Marks Silver-plated Teapot

“I am what time, circumstance, and history have made me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.” –James A. Baldwin   The ceramicist, designer, and painter Margarete “Grete” Marks experienced many obstacles over the course of her career.[i] She

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Harry Bertoia Teapot

Harry Bertoia Silver Teapot

“I am rather silent, resolute, and industrious. I respect and admire persons of probity and morality, moderation and temperance. I can use any tool or machinery with dexterity…”[i]– Harry Bertoia, 1937 What comes to mind when you hear the name Harry Bertoia? [ii] Most people

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Albert Paley Silver Teapot

“…In creating a work of art, besides my personal experience, my concern is how it emotionally and intellectually engages the viewer…”[i] – Albert Paley Albert Paley is internationally known for his monumental sculpture, elaborate gates, intricate furniture, and striking jewelry. His metalwork, which exudes great

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Gerhard Marcks, Schott & Genossen, Sintrax Coffee Machine

Gerhard Marcks Sintrax Coffee Machine

This Schott & Genossen coffee machine was designed by the sculptor, printmaker, and Bauhaus master, Gerhard Marcks.[i] Schott & Genossen, which always “had a great fascination for the artistic avant-garde,” engaged numerous artists from the influential Bauhaus school in the early twentieth century.[ii] These interactions

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Wilhelm Wagenfeld glass teapot

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Glass Teapot

“Objects must do us good and make us take notice and think about them.”[i] – Wilhem Wagenfeld, 1948   Wilhelm Wagenfeld is one of the most significant German product designers of the twentieth century. He is known for creating simple practical designs for the average

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Hester Bateman, silver teapot.

Hester Bateman Silver Teapot

Hester Bateman (1709-1794, née Needham or Neden) was an English silversmith known for creating high-quality, lightweight home wares in the 18th century. BATEMAN’S TRAINING Like many craftswomen in 18th century Europe, Bateman was trained in her craft as part of a family business, rather than

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Édouard-Marcel Sandoz / Theodore Haviland, Limoges. Bird Tea Set

Édouard-Marcel Sandoz Bird Tea Set

This tea set, designed by Édouard-Marcel Sandoz (Swiss, 1881-1971), is one of many tableware sets designed by popular artists for the porcelain manufacturing company Theodore Haviland, Limoges. Haviland History Theodore Haviland, Limoges was one of several porcelain manufacturing and retail companies operated by the Haviland

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