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Novelty teapots are popular, fun and collectable. They take the form of anything and everything, including animals, furniture, hotrods, vegetables, the Taj Mahal and Bart Simpson. Holidays, sports, fairy tales and commemorative events are popular subject matter.

Some of the novelty teapots can be old and valuable, many are from the 1930s and postwar period. Most are from recent decades and represent a collecting craze with their affordable, limited production. This market is dominated by British makers who are featured in specialty museums such as “Teapot Island” in Kent, England. Owner Sue Blayze converted her home into a display of 6000 novelty teapots after collecting one of each ever made in Britain. She has assisted the Kamms in compiling a similar collection.

In 2004, the Kamm Teapot Foundation acquired the entire contents of “Teapot World Museum” in Wales, an attraction that featured over 1200 British novelty and antique teapots.