Craig Nutt
Donette Teapot

Craig Nutt (American, b. 1950)
Donette Teapot 1999
oil paint on carved mahogany wood
9 x 16 x 4″
Kamm Collection. 1999.90.25
Photos: Courtesy of the artist.

Furniture maker and sculptor Craig Nutt created this teapot for “The Teapot Redefined II”, an exhibition organized by Mobilia Gallery. He is known for his fanciful vegetable imagery, and this food inspired theme is continued with the “Donette Teapot”.  The artist describes how his idea for the piece took shape.

“When asked to make a wooden teapot for the show, I puzzled over how to stay true to the form and still make it functional. I arrived at the idea of making it a tea caddy, and the thought of presenting tea bags in an elaborate caddy seemed absurd, but somehow the junk-food nature of cellophane-wrapped powdered donuts seemed to fit.”