Cat Teapot

Ebeling & Reuss Co. (USA, 1886-2002)
Cat Teapot c. 1920-1939
8″ ht.
Kamm Collection. 2001.453

According to Kovels: “Erphila is a mark found on Czechoslovakian and other pottery and porcelain made after 1920. This mark was used on items imported by Ebeling & Reuss of Philadelphia, a giftware firm that was founded in 1866 and out of business sometime after 2002. The mark is a combination of the letters E and R (Ebeling & Reuss) and the first letters of the city, Phila(delphia).”

In the Kamm Collection, there are many Erphila teapots that take the form of an animal sitting upright with its forearm extended as the teapot spout.