Political Cartoon
Colonial Boston

Unknown Maker
Colonial Boston Political Cartoon 1774
engraving, ink on paper
3.625 x 6″

A small engraved political cartoon from colonial era Boston, entitled “The able Doctor, or America Swallowing the Bitter Draught.”

It shows the symbolic America being forcibly restrained by a cleric, a lascivious “gentleman” and a legislator carrying the “Boston Port Bill” pouring the bitter draught from a teapot. A Frenchman and Spaniard watch on the left while a shamed Britannia and “Military Law” watch on the right. A document labeled “Boston Petition” lies torn on the ground. British ships and Boston harbor appear in the distance, labeled “Boston cannonaded.” It is annotated in period ink on the right side “1774 April Lord May”. This was published in “London Magazine” in 1774 and shortly thereafter copied by Paul Revere in the colonies.  –  Heritage Auctions