Rajesh Gogna
Retro-ism Ice Tea for One

Rajesh Gogna (British, b. 1976)
Retro-ism Ice Tea for One  2015
silver, acrylic
10.5 x 16.5 x 3″
Photo: David H. Ramsey. 2017.97

Rajesh Gogna is a fourth-generation silversmith in his family of the Rajput caste who have been goldsmiths to the Royal families in Rajastan, India since the late 1800s. He researches historical silverware and its traditional settings, with a view to developing a contemporary perspective. Gogna intends “Retro-ism Ice Tea for One” to be functional, yet to appear frozen within a panel of ice. [Bonhams Auction Catalog, London, Knightsbridge, 27 Sep 2017]

This sculpture includes a teapot shape pressed into a rectangular sheet of silver and a six-sided silver cup with gilt interior. Both vessels are mounted on a clear acrylic stand, and are removable.