Wieke Somers
Teapot and Cosy

Studio Wieke Somers (Rotterdam, est. 2003)
High Tea Pot 2003
porcelain, muskrat hide, stainless steel
9 x 18 x 6.25″
Kamm Collection 2005.95.3

Dutch designer Wieke Somers (b. 1976) describes the idea behind this unusual teapot and cosy: “A pig’s skull has become a teapot. The tea cosy is made of rat’s fur. Imagine that bourgeois ritual moment, when tea is ready with several people already gathered around the small table. And then the furry animal skull lands. A delicious shock, a clash of contradictory thoughts. Horror and delight, celebration and menace.”

Somers and Dylan van den Berg founded Studio Wieke Somers in 2003. Their work is a blend of product design and contemporary art.