The Kamm Teapot Collection is a comprehensive look at the teapot through the lens of art. The collection encompasses historical decorative arts, industrial design icons, unique works of contemporary art, novelty teapots, and teapot-related artifacts. The collection is international in scope, includes all media, dates from the 17th to 21rst centuries, and numbers over 17,000 objects.

Featured Teapots

Many artists use existing or “found” objects to create works of art. These three teapot sculptures are made of admission tickets, colored pencils, and playing cards, respectively. See more examples under The Collection category of Unusual Materials.


Learn about the teapots in these writings that explore the collection. Discover the many artistic themes and ideas behind the works. Read about the makers, and see special teapots.

Kevin O’Dwyer, "Rocking Teapot" 1995.

Kevin O’Dwyer Interview

The artist Kevin O’Dwyer (American/Irish, b. 1953) has received international recognition for his work which ranges from holloware and jewelry to photography and large-scale outdoor

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Mary Engel Sculpture

The sculptor Mary Engel (American, b.1963) is known for her whimsical animal forms that she covers with found objects such as watches, beads, buttons, and

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Walter Gropius (German, 1883-1969)/ Rosenthal (Germany) “TAC Teapot”

Walter Gropius TAC Teapot

Adolph Georg Walter Gropius (German, 1883-1969) was an innovative architect, an influential educator, and the founder of the revolutionary art school known as the Bauhaus.

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Sarah Perry, "The Miracle" 1997

Sarah Perry Sculpture

Sarah Perry (American, b. 1956) is known for her ingenious animal-inspired sculptures that rely heavily on an array of found objects. She scavenges for materials,

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Sonny and Gloria Kamm

Los Angeles residents Sonny and Gloria Kamm have collected teapots for over 35 years. Their interest in teapots began as an adjunct to their collection of contemporary art and led to a passion that has resulted in the world’s largest and most comprehensive teapot collection. The Kamm Teapot Foundation was established to preserve and maintain the teapot collection.

Kamm Teapot Collection Sonny and Gloria Kamm